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2. Regional Compliance

Thestreamingshack.com strives to be a gambling information portal while also complying with the legal and ethical positions taken by jurisdictions around the world in terms of how they view online gambling services and what they allow and disallow within their countries and/or States.

2. Regional Compliance
The streaming shack is a website based on reviews on casinos and slots and other gambling associated activites and we do not encourage gambling, in and way. We are based in the UK and offer reviews on casinos and slots from all regions around the globe where gambling is not restricted. You agree that no matter where your place of stay is that you adhere to any governing law on gambling.

3. Age Gating

Our website is fully compliant with the UKGC and we offer 2 types of Age verification, The first being a soft verification process where you simply agree to being aged over 18 to view the sites content. It is your responsibility to provide accurate details for this process and the streaming shack will not be held accountable for any user that doesn’t enter their correct DOB. The second Age verification is ran through a safe and secure portal from a third party source ‘1Account’ Where you will be asked for further details to enter stricter content such as playable demo games on the website. Here your information will be checked with either an address verification or mobile and pin. Full details of 1Account Terms and conditions can be found here “www.1account.com” . Their Terms and Our terms Stand the same on the more in Depth Verification so please read both terms.

4. Third-Party content

As we are a slot and casino review website we use links and images from third-party websites and within agreement are allowed to display them on our site. Links to other websites, Products or Services are all under Terms from other “Third-party” Sources.

5. Casino Affiliation

The Streaming Shack Promotes other casinos and offer welcome bonuses on our site, This is called affiliation as we receive a small percentage in return for any of registered users of The Streaming Shack signing up through any of our links to the dedicated bonus offers. Where we ensure all terms for all our offers and banners are on the specific banner or link, Please be advised that these terms have been shortened and used as quick terms for your understanding and we must insist that you read the terms and conditions of any bonus or casino fully upon using the hyperlinks on our website. All links that are found on The streaming Shack website or Social media platform including them who are members of TSS belong to The Streaming Shack and Shack Group Media, An agreement has been made between the members of TSS including owners of TSS when they choose to be published on The Streaming Shack Website.

6. Responsible Gambling.

The Streaming Shack fully supports all Responsible gambling and believe in the saying ‘Only gamble what you can afford’ and ‘Gamble for entertainment purposes only’ Failure to do so you can get players addicted to gambling and cause many problems for that player, We have a list below of all our registered gamble safely or help with gambling and also supply links to each throught our website, They can all be found on the footer of each page.

GamCare – gamcare.org.uk

GambleAware – begambleaware.org

There are more gamble safe links available throughout our site, However we believe the links above will help anyone that’s struggling with gambling.

Gamble Safe, Responsibly and Gamble for Entertainment.

7. Privacy Policy

These documents can be found under the “Privacy Policy” Page found on the footer.

8. Copyright

The Streaming Shack and all it’s content are copyrighted and must not under any circumstance be used elsewhere without the authority of one of the Directors.