Twitch Announcement

Ed and Wayne have decided they will no longer be streaming live from Twitch. This is due to many of our partners can not be broadcasted on the twitch platform, due to age gating. We have constantly reviewed this and taking the necessary steps as and when needed to keep broadcasting on twitch, but due to constant challenges we have decided to move over to YouTube. Due to YouTube rules with streamers it has become a big challenge to build our subs on there, but we are getting there slowly. We appreciate every sub and will hopefully continue to grow with the help of our viewers. We will still do the odd stream to our twitch channel for events only. Etc Charity streams). Thank you for your continued support and will hopefully see many of you over on our new home at YouTube. To help us in building the channel and be able to give you viewers a better entertainment channel, Big giveaways and so much more please share this with friends and family 18+ And join our website, Youtube channel and of course our social site also.
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