I would like to thank many of you for last nights support. It was an amazing night with donations, shout outs and raids. The Hunt was looking a little rough but we managed to pull it back. 1st of all a huge shout out to our friends at fruity slots-Josh, Scotty & Jamie, for there generous donation and constant help and advice, many big streamers don’t look out or acknowledge new people, but these guys have helped in so many ways, thank you . A Massive shout out to our close friend KAXTER RIPS, not only donating, but also raiding our channel last night. I Would also like to say a massive thank you to my friend BOB SLOTS for supporting us all the way, with shout outs on his own YouTube Channel for us. ED BOY Slots a huge thank you for your donation and your continued support from shout outs and much more. I would also like to thank CHIPS, SHABBIR, SOPHIE, AARON, KIPPO, DAN JONES, HANNAH, SIRONS, STUMPY, DINGLIPS, IM SLONG, ANDREW and LUCY JANE for all your kind donations or for helping make this happen. Also i would like to thank Conrad, Jammy, Secular Slots, Claire, Ryan, Nick for the constant support on twitter. The Just Giving donation page is still live until Monday Evening, we will be updating everyone once we have donated the money to Great Ormand Street, this will be done on our site and live on YouTube. All of us here at TSS wish you all a very Merry Christmas and we cant wait to see you all again on our upcoming streams. Thank You – Ed @ TSS