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Welcome to The Streaming Shack. The Streaming Shack is a discussion board and a Casino and Slot review website, We daily review many Slot games and have also a brilliant opportunity to review upcoming games as we are affiliated to many top Casinos and Slot Providers.

The Streaming Shack has a dedicated page where we review and ask other streamers to prove their streams are 100% Legit. What we mean by this is, There’s always a couple of streamers who stream and win big on Slots and claim that they have played their own money with no hidden boosts from the Casino to win. However many streamers have been caught out by using money issued by the Casinos and promoting big wins and massive payouts, Enticing users to deposit their real money and try and win big. We at The Streaming Shack believe this to be unfair to all of you and have taken it upon ourselves to dig out the unfair streamers and promote the trusted streamers so you have a proper understanding of how gambling works and that most of the big wins promoted by the non-trusted streamers are a genuine streamers dream! Many streamers who are 100% trusted of course has also won big and their reactions are unforgettable and real. 

The Streaming Shack’s forum is a brilliant place to discuss many aspects of gambling and also upload big wins, Talk about other streamers and even give some betting tips! Why not head over to the forum today and start your journey with us? The forum can be found via the menu above or simply by clicking HERE.

*Our forum is a public forum and can be used by anyone registered with us, However upon posting on our forum you agree to our terms and conditions and that any posts, Images or videos used on our forum you also accept that we may use the media on social networks, including promoting the big wins on videos.


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